Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nova Scotia

We spent a wonderful week with Phil and Beth in Nova Scotia this summer. Thanks so much you guys. We really enjoyed the cool weather, the sailing, and the exceptional company. It was one of our most enjoyable and relaxing trips.

Peggy's Cove

Peggy's Cove is one of the most photographed places in Cananda and is only a short drive from Seabright. We came here for lunch twice. This kind of rugged rocky coast is all over Nova Scotia but Peggy's Cove is the most famous.

The Salty Dog himself.

There are lots of secluded coves all around this area.

Swimming in St. Margaret's Bay

Water temperature and swimming conditions for Margret's bay can be heard by calling the Nova Scotia Life Guard Service at 1-888-830-7946.

Beth tests the water.

Watching the ducks. These ducks didn't mind us swimming in their cove...

...they were just sleeping on the seaweed.

Fishing shacks are a signature style for the area.


We went to Lunenberg the very next day. It's a beautiful victorian village that is very well preserved.

This empty street in just 4 bocks up the hill from the busy harbor, in the middle of the historic district.

This is the local school, and it's still in use for that purpose!

This view of Lunenberg is only a couple of minutes from downtown.


We passed through Chester after stopping for a divine biscuit at "Biscuit Eaters" in Mahone Bay. Chester is particulary pristine and pretty. Bruce Willis and Arnold Swartzeneger are both rumored to have places here but you know how these kinds of rumors are...

Downtown Chester.

Beth bought a beautiful piece at this pottery shop. He's a local artist that's been here for decades.

There are many nice beaches around Margret's Bay.


Phil arranged a sailing trip on the Bay with his friend John. It day was sunny, the wind was steady and the conversation was lively.

Shelagh waiting for Phil's dinghy taxi.

I steered for a while. Phil says I'm a natural. I only freaked out a couple of times when gusts turned the boat. And when the radio tower I was using as a landmark dissapeared completey from the horizon! We still dont know what happened to it. One minute there were two radio towers, then there was only one!

Phil's dinghy taxi took us to and from the boat.


Halifax is an intresting town. It's large, but small at the same time. We visited the downtown several times.

There was always a very intresting boat at the docks. This one is "Shaharazad" from bermuda. It's about 150' long. And was for sale in 2007