Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hebden Bridge, Wales and Scotland

I accompanied Shelagh on a trip to attend her niece's wedding in Wales this September and these are our photos.

Hebden Bridge

Hebden Bridge

We visited Shelagh's friend Eileen Obrien in the beautiful town of Hebden Bridge.

Shelagh and Eileen in Hebden Bridge

ducks at East Riddleston Hall, Keighley

we drove around today and visited a nearby historic house, but it was closed so we watched the kids feed the ducks.

Riddleston me Duck.

Shelagh at East Riddleston Hall


Bronte Museum

The nearby town of Haworth is where the Bronte sisters lived.

"Oh Heathcliffe, it's me Cathy, I've come home, Let me into your window."

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bronte House from the field
"Smell the heather. Heathcliff - fill my arms with heather. All they can hold. Come on."

downtown Haworth

The Bronte sister's father was a minister at this church.

I had a Yorkshire Pudding with Chilli for lunch, mmm.

This shop is an anachronism of antique reproductions and tourists gifts and nick nacks but it is beautiful just the same. It uses alot of the authentic structure and fittings as display, but makes no pretense that it's not a tourists shop. It's entertaining to look at. I found myself trying to find something I could buy as a vote of approval. I settled on post cards.

inside the old Apothecary

Haworth streets

Hebden Bridge

the view over Eileen's garden wall

The kids in the neighborhood like to use this field as a driving range. In the woods to the right is a trail to the middle of the village next to a steep stream with a beautiful stone bridge.

passing the afternoon in Eileen's garden

It's been very relaxing stay. I will come back again.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


restored Llandudno rail station

LLandudno has some outstanding features and the rail station renovation is very well done. The tracks are being restored all the way to Corwen where Alan's B&B is. It's already within a mile of there.

canal barges towed by horses

this canal, the rail road, the highway, the river,
LLandudno is a natural crossroads.

barge holliday

Llandudno house on the Canal


Alan's house near Corwen

I love the those ivy covered stone walls.

aunty Lu at the Grouse

Lucy and Pat at the Grouse

a view from the Dee bridge

the Grouse pub is at this bridge over the Dee

the Dee flows past the Grouse pub

Shelagh in Corwen

church in Corwen

Keith in Corwen


Roses in Corwyn

the river Dee at Corwyn

the river Dee just across the road from Alan's house

the oak outside Alan's house

The Wedding

Lucy and Pat are ready for the wedding

Chirk Castle

castle gates

wedding coaches

Shelagh in Chirk court

chirk court

flowers in the chapel

a poem


happy couple

couple in chapel

Sam and Matt

a pixie

south garden